About Me

I have been making jewellery since the age of 14, and what began as a small hobby slowly drew me into the world of design. As I immersed myself, however, making jewellery fell to the wayside somewhat...
Now a student studying for my Bachelor of Design (Fashion) at RMIT University, it seems that things have come full circle. A couple of weeks of making jewellery during a course elective not only got me right back into it all, but set me onto the path of exploring materials and techniques that I never thought I would!

As far as jewellery is concerned, I am particularly interested in using unusual materials... metal brackets or nuts and bolts, and combining them with found objects and even semi-precious stones. The flipside of this is something that I love to do, too: taking basic materials and using them in an unusual or atypical way.
I am continually exploring a range of techniques: from resin casting to bead weaving by hand, and even incorporating miniature pieces of embroidery into my work.

Having said all that, making jewellery is purely and simply a creative outlet that I am passionate about. I truly hope that this comes across in my creations! I love to be able to inject a sense of vitality into my work... whether it be something complex and sophisticated, or something with a little bit of humour to it. Jewellery should be about expressing yourself and having fun doing it!

- Allison Bell